Архив за етикет: Момчил Станишев

Адаптивно лидерство за успешно управление на промяната

Момчил Станишев, докторант по направление „Организационна психология”, Катедра „Социална, трудова и педагогическа психология”, Философски факултет, Софийски университет

e-mail: mstanisheff@phls.uni-sofia.bg  mstanisheff@gmail.com

“Adaptive Leadership for Successful Change Management”

Momchil Stanishev, Organizational Psychology Ph.D. Student

Sofia University “St.Kliment Ohridski”


The modern world has become a small global village where the unpredictable situations and constant changes are demand of the day.High customer expectations, ever changing market situations and rapid innovative advancements, have compelled organizations to incessantly reevaluate how they work and to understand, adopt and implement changes in their business model in response of changing trends.The leader as a person in charge should be capable and adaptive in order to manage the process of organizational change more effectively and successfully. Good leaders know that by learning how to delegate tasks, they will make the most of their time. By engaging employees within the organizations` philosophy, leaders could benefit from the employees who have leadership potential and could act as change agents. By that kind of interaction the smart leader might be able to predict and solve forthcoming crises issues. Along with all of its implications and importance the process of organizational change is also a very complex and challenging. Nowadays the complexity is a growing drag on productivity and workplace satisfaction. Decision-makers need to develop simplification as a core leadership capability and a critical component of the business strategy. The intent of this paper is to identify the role of the adaptive leader, whosimplifies with efficiency, who foresees the challenges of tomorrow by delegating power and who promote visionary management based on simplicity and engagement, as a keys of long term sustainable growth and organizational success.

Key Words: Adaptive Leadership, Vision, Change, Delegation, Simplification

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