Архив за етикет: Михаил Киряков

БРИКС и САЩ – единство и борба на противоположностите

Михаил Стефанов Киряков, Студент II курс, бакалавърска програма „Южна, Източна и Югоизточна Азия“, Софийски университет „Св. Климент Охридски“

BRICS and the US – unity and struggle of opposites

Michael Stefanov Kirjakov, Bachelor program „South, East and Southeast Asia“, Sofia University „St. Kliment Ohridski “ 

Abstract: This report reviews the events and reasons for the formation of The BRICS, the motives and goals of The BRICS, and the complicated relationship between The BRICS and the Western Powers, embodied by the U.S. It also attempts to create a more realistic and bias perspective on the potential of The BRICS, who increasingly appear to represent the dawning of a new world order brought on by the shortcomings of the previous one, in the eyes of the developing countries.

The economic, social and political worlds are in a constant state of transformation. Once a certain social structure or institution rises to power, another shows up to challenge it. The resulting clash between the two produces a new fusion and a new power, that will be challenged on its own tern.

Keywords:  BRICS; U.S.-BRICS relationship; Multi-polar world order; BRICS potential perspectives.

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