Архив за етикет: Лъчезара Николова

Жената, избрала свободата чрез смъртта. Размисли върху баладите „Пауни летят на югоизток“ и „Стоян и Рада“

Лъчезара Валентинова Николова

СУ «Св. Климент Охридски», студент специалност китаистика, преподавател по китайски език в 138 СУ. «Проф. Васил Златарски»

The woman that has chosen freedom through death. Analysis of the ballads “Southeast Fly The Peacocks” and “Stoyan and Rada”

Latchezara Valentinova Nikolova,

Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”, student at Chinese philology, Chinese language teacher at 138-th Secondary school “Prof. Vassil Zlatarski”


The presented report discusses the story of two women driven to commit suicide let by their true convictions. Although that they belong to particularly different cultures and eras, they tend to share the same concept when it comes to the understanding of feelings such as joy and love.

The first work is the poem “ Southeast Fly The Peacocks“ – a masterpiece of the Chinese literature. An author coming from another time period and culture that is drawn from the vision of the new type of human – passionate and gusty, is Nayden Gerov who writes the first Bulgarian poem – „Stoyan and Rada.“

In Rada emerges the face of Liu Lanzhi – the image of the woman fighting for her freedom, created by the ordinary people. The two characters make a combination of the virtues that the ideal woman should share: simple, modest and beautiful, but smart and fearless, passionate and impulsively worthy of the Great love, wherever it is.


Chinese, “Southeast Fly The Peacocks”, Bulgarian, “Stoyan and Rada”, freedom, love, death, poems, ballads

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