Архив за етикет: Йоана Спасова-Дикова

Performativity in Bulgarian and Balinese Rites. Cross-cultural Aspects

Assoc. Prof. Joanna Spassova-Dikova, PhD.

Insitute of Art Studies, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences


The paper is part of a larger interdisciplinary comparative study of the theatrical masks in the Eastern and Western cultures. The focus of the attention is on some of the Bulgarian rites like lazarouvane, mummers games (Jamal), nestinarstvo and their “analogues” in Balinese culture as legong, Barong, topeng, kecak fire dance. An attempt for providing a cross-cultural analysis of these theatrical ritual forms typical of the traditional cultures of Bulgaria and Bali is made, not so much in the context of their specific folklore, ethnographic or religious aspects (paganism, Christianity, Hinduism), but more in terms of performativity, safeguarding of the intangible cultural heritage and intercultural communication.


Performativity, cross-cultural, intercultural communication, Bulgarian and Balinese Rites: Initiation rites, rites for the victory of good over evil and rites for connecting with the transcendental powers

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