Архив за етикет: Ерхан Ахмедов

Борбата срещу корупцията при управлението на Си Дзинпин

Докторант Ерхан Ахмедов, ПУ. ,,Паисий Хилендарски”

The fight against corruption in the management of Xi Jinping

PhD student Erhan Ahmedov, PU. ,,Paisii Hilendarski“

Short summary: The report is dedicated to the fight against corruption among the ranks of the party and state apparatus, which leads the current CCP leader Xi Jinping after coming to power in 2012. My main thesis is that Xi Jinping is seeking to push the dividing line between himself and his predecessors. The dividing line is along two axes: the fight against corruption – tolerating corruption and social justice – social injustice. Pursued by Xi Jinping persons are senior and middle echelons of the party-state apparatus that are removed and convicted of corruption. The second section briefly describes the data passed to Panamanian Office ,, Mosak Fonseca, „the income of persons Xi Jinping and Premier nomenclature of the CCP and the PRC during 1978-2016y. Maybe fighter against corruption Xi Jinping is not corrupt? The main problem is how research can be distinguished fight against corruption by clearing accounts with awkward people from senior and middle levels of the party-state hierarchy in a system where there is no separation of powers.

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Проблемът с опазването на околната среда в Китай след стартирането  на  икономическите  реформи през 1978 г.

Ерхан АхмедовДокторант, ПУ „Паисий Хилендарски“

The problem of environmental protection in China after the launch of economic reforms in 1978

Erhan Ahmedov, PhD student, Plovdiv University „Paisius of Hilendar

Summary:The report presents data on issues of environmental protection in China after the launch of economic and political reforms in 1978. The main arguments, is that the Chinese economy can turn from polluting environmentally friendly economy. For this purpose it is necessary to markedly increase the proportion of energy generated from renewable sources: wind and sun, and to use natural resources more economically and in a way environmentally friendly. The method used is the analysis of Western books, Bulgarian and Chinese researchers who have written on the topic, as well as articles from officious CCP ,, People’s Daily „(March 2014 December 2015). The research problem is to reveal how rapid economic development has an impact on the environment. Chinese system of managing the economy and society is specific. It is a combination of socialist administrative regulations and market elements. How does this system deal with environmental issues?

Keywords: pollution, environment, air, water, carbon dioxide,  investment.

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