Архив за етикет: Даяна Иванова

Ядрена енергетика на Япония: структура, проблеми и бъдеще

Даяна Иванова, Южна, Източна и Югоизточна Азия, III курс Софийски университет

Japan’s nuclear power: structure, problems and future

Dayana Ivanova, East, South, Southeast Asian Studies,  Sofia University ‘St. Kliment Ohridski’ – Centre for Eastern Languages and Studies

Abstract:Until the 1950s only hydro- and thermal electric power stations were known across the globe; these require an abundance of water and fossil fuel sources – two key components for the production of electric power which are something that Japan definitely lacks sufficient quantities of. All this is of enormous detriment to Japan, which has been entirely dependent on import, a fact that continues to put a lot of strain on the country’s economy to this day. The advent of the nuclear generator is precisely the innovation in science and technology that Japan needs to solve its energy dependency issues. The turning point, however, in this part of Japan’s development were the tragic events of the Fukushima nuclear power plant disaster in 2011, which have made the country rethink its course of action. The purpose of the following paper is to shortly represent the structure of the Japanese nuclear power industry, consequences following the current energy crisis and strongly affecting the country’s economy, and what the eventual prospects and solutions for this major issue are.

Keywords:nuclear power, Japan, electric power stations, Fukushima, energy crisis

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