Архив за етикет: Веселин Карастойчев

Конфликтите между поколенията в китайската поезия през 70-те и 80-те години на ХХ век

Веселин Карастойчев

Асистент секция Китаистика, СУ „Св. Кл. Охридски”

Conflicts between generations in Chinese poetry during the 60s and the 70s of XX century

Veselin Karastoychev,

Assistant Professor Sofia University „St. Kliment Ohridski“,


This paper examines the activation in modern Chinese poetry of an aesthetic conflict between the generations in whichthe sons secretly or openly in varying degrees confront the ideals and criteria of their fathers. The outcome of this conflict of generations will lead to a break with the Maoist discourse and the emergence of modern poetry in China and in it’s events we observe complicated interplay between aesthetic patricide aspirations and the still living attachment to the covenants of the „fathers“.

The creative rift is illustrated by the relationship between Guo Shi-yin and Guo Moruo in the 60s, Gu Cheng and Gu Gong in the late 70s and, more generally, between Bei Dao and the representatives of the Maoist paradigm.

Keywords:modern Chinese poetry, misty poetry (menglongshi), Gu Cheng, Bei Dao

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