Архив за етикет: Весела Данова

Отношенията Япония – АСЕАН: перспективи и предизвикателства

Весела Данова, СУ „Св. Климент Охридски“, ФКНФ, ЦИЕК, специалност Южна Июточна и Югоизточна Азия, 4ти курс

Japan – ASEAN Realtions: perspectives and challenges

Vesela Danova, Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”, FKNF, CELK, South East and Southeast Asia, 4th grade


Nowadays the relations between Japan and ASEAN countries are seen as key factor in the changing turbulent regional conditions. The formation of stability and balance is one of the main tasks both for Japan and ASEAN and for that reason they are looking for an opportunity to expand and deepen the diplomatic dialog. At this point Japan is no longer just a donor for the ASEAN countries but thanks to their fast economic growth and strengthened role in the region is becoming an equal partner and ally whose presence can be strongly felt not only in the questions regarding donations but in the matters of political and security importance as well.


Japan-ASEAN relations, cooperation, challenges, political-security diplomacy, economic relations, China, regional conflicts

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