Архив за етикет: Антон Костадинов

Състояние и тенденции на търговията с храни между България и Китай

гл. ас. д-р Антон КостадиновСекция Международна икономика, Институт за икономически изследвания /ИИИ/, БАН

China – Bulgaria food trade, current conditions and trends

Chief assistant PhD Anton KostadinovDepartment of international economics, Institute for economic research, BAS

Abstract:Nowadays China is the biggest trading partner for many countries. China is second biggest trade partner for European union as well. Trade volume between these two major subjects in global economy is constantly growing. EU is traditional food producer and exporter. During political tensions with Russia and trade embargo EU is forced to develop export destinations as China is. Bulgaria is a member state of EU since 2007 and that made significant changes in Bulgaria’s foreign trade. Furthermore, over 60% of Bulgaria’s export is designated to EU. Bulgaria is also traditional food producer and farmers in the country can benefit from both: EU subsidies and close location to ports under China’s concession – Piraeus in Greece. Moreover, China desperately deeds high quality foods for its population. There are two main factors forcing China to develop food trade: urbanization and environmental pollution. By now China is experiencing biggest mass movement if world’s history, country is facing unprecedented urbanization. The last 35 years of economic development in China were crucial. China sacrificed its environment instead of economic growth. The price now country has to pay for that pollution is unforeseen and the consequences are heavy. Now in about 20% of arable land in China in contaminated with toxic chemicals, heavy metals and industrial waste. At the same time incomes of China’s population is growing and the demand for healthy and for more food is growing. Therefore, providing population with adequate food is concerning country’s national security.

Key words: China – Bulgaria food trade; food security; international trade

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