Архив за етикет: Анелия Кесарева

Администрацията в Корея по време на Японската окупация (1910-1945)

Анелия Кесарева

МП История и съвременно развитие на страните от Източна Азия (Япония, Китай, Корея), СУ „Св. Климент Охридски“

Colonial administration in Korea under Japanese rule

Aneliya Kesareva

MP History and Contemporary development of the East Asian Countries (Japan, China, Korea), Sofia „St. Kliment Ohridski” University

Abstract: The aim of the report is to show how the administration functioned at that time, how it was arranged and how it proceeded against the Koreans. The treaty of September 1905 officially ended the war between Japan and Russia and when the Protectorate Treaty was concluded, the office of Resident-General was eastablished. The Japanese became annoyed by the Kojong’s actions during the The Heague Peace Conference held in June 1907. As a result, he was forced to abdicate in favor of his son – Sunjong, who was the last ruler of the Choson dynasty. With the Treaty of Annexation of 1910, Korea became a colony of Japan. It was ruled through the office of a Governor-General. During the period 1910-1919, the Koreans were controlled by gendarmerie-police system. All highеst positions in both central and local governments were held by the Japanese. Saito Makoto, the third Governor-General of Korea succeeded in establishing local administrative systems. The Governor-General’s administration planned to assimilate the Koreans into Japanese culture. The Koreans were forced to abandon their traditional clothes; to stop using their own language; to worship at Shinto shrines and at last – they had to adopt Japanese style names. Every aspect of their lives were controlled by the Japanese and their rules and regulations. That was the period of Japanization from 1931 to August 1945.

Keywords: Resident-General, The Governor-General’s administration, Governor-General, central and local goverments, Japanization

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