Alexander Fedotoff

Professor, Dr. Habil. and Ph. D.

Korean Studies Department, Center for Eastern Languages and Cultures,

Faculty on Classical and Modern Philology,

Saint Kliment Ohridki Sofia University


White color is a universal and traditional symbol, which is often used by Koreans and nations of the so-called Altaic World in their myths, epic stories, legends and narrations both in esoteric and exoteric meaning. Different animals of white color play special role in ancient myths, oral epic and folklore stories based on authentic beliefs, cults, and rituals in Korea and Central Asia.

Key words: white animals, Korean and Central Asian myths, epic stories, folktales, rituals, cults.

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Източна в Централна Азия: интереси и стратегии

Д-р Боряна Митева, Асистент в Катедра “Нова и съвременна обща история”, ИФ на СУ “Св. Климент Охридски”

East Asia in Central Asia: interests and strategies

Boryana Miteva, PhD, Assistant Professor at Department „Modern and Contemporary common history“ Faculty of History, Sofia University „St. Kliment Ohridski „

Abstract:As a part of Eurasia, the region of Central Asia is of great importance to the East Asian countries. Therefore, the PRC, Japan and the Republic of Korea formulated specific strategies toward Central Asia in order to realize their priorities. Geographical proximity to Central Asia is a determinative factor for the PRC to dominate the region. Interests of Beijing are related with national security of some border areas and with Xinjiang area in particular, and expansion of the economic and the energetic cooperation with the Central Asian countries. Discussing regional problems in the framework of SCO and including Central Asia in the PRC’s strategy “One road, one belt” are significant for realizing the PRC’s interests in Central Asia. Although the region of Central Asia is not that high priority for Japan and the Republic of Korea, as for the PRC, Tokyo and Seul also have their interests toward Central Asia, related with the security in Eurasia, economic and energetic cooperation. The importance of Central Asia for Tokyo and Seul is evident with a view to the cooperation within “Central Asia+Japan” and “the Republic of Korea and Central Asia”.

Keу words: Central Asia, PRC’s foreign policy, Japan’s foreign policy, ROC’s foreign policy

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