Борбата срещу корупцията при управлението на Си Дзинпин

Докторант Ерхан Ахмедов, ПУ. ,,Паисий Хилендарски”

The fight against corruption in the management of Xi Jinping

PhD student Erhan Ahmedov, PU. ,,Paisii Hilendarski“

Short summary: The report is dedicated to the fight against corruption among the ranks of the party and state apparatus, which leads the current CCP leader Xi Jinping after coming to power in 2012. My main thesis is that Xi Jinping is seeking to push the dividing line between himself and his predecessors. The dividing line is along two axes: the fight against corruption – tolerating corruption and social justice – social injustice. Pursued by Xi Jinping persons are senior and middle echelons of the party-state apparatus that are removed and convicted of corruption. The second section briefly describes the data passed to Panamanian Office ,, Mosak Fonseca, „the income of persons Xi Jinping and Premier nomenclature of the CCP and the PRC during 1978-2016y. Maybe fighter against corruption Xi Jinping is not corrupt? The main problem is how research can be distinguished fight against corruption by clearing accounts with awkward people from senior and middle levels of the party-state hierarchy in a system where there is no separation of powers.

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Конфликтът в южнокитайско море след трибунала в Хага

Павел Христов, студент IV курс, специалност „Южна, Източна и Югоизточна Азия“, ФКНФ, СУ „Св. Климент Охридски“

The South China Sea conflict after the Hague Tribunal

Pavel Hristov, 4th year student„South, East and Southeast Asia studies“, Sofia University „St. Kliment Ohridski

Abstract: The report examines the significant role of the conflict in the South China Sea in the geopolitics and economics of Asia and the world. It includes China, the United States of America, Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam. The recent economic growth of the region has contributed to a large portion of the world’s commercial merchant shipping passing through these waters. Japan and South Korea rely heavily on the South China Sea for their supply of fuels and raw materials and as an export route. It also contains rich, though unregulated and over-exploited fishing grounds and is reported to hold significant reserves of undiscovered oil and gas, which is a negative factor in maritime and territorial disputes over the Spratly Islands, Paracel Islands, Pratas, the Natuna Islands and Scarborough Shoal.

KeywordsSouth China Sea, Hague Tribunal, China, Philipines, Vietnam, United States of America, territorial disputes, geopolitics

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Жената, избрала свободата чрез смъртта. Размисли върху баладите „Пауни летят на югоизток“ и „Стоян и Рада“

Лъчезара Валентинова Николова

СУ «Св. Климент Охридски», студент специалност китаистика, преподавател по китайски език в 138 СУ. «Проф. Васил Златарски»

The woman that has chosen freedom through death. Analysis of the ballads “Southeast Fly The Peacocks” and “Stoyan and Rada”

Latchezara Valentinova Nikolova,

Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”, student at Chinese philology, Chinese language teacher at 138-th Secondary school “Prof. Vassil Zlatarski”


The presented report discusses the story of two women driven to commit suicide let by their true convictions. Although that they belong to particularly different cultures and eras, they tend to share the same concept when it comes to the understanding of feelings such as joy and love.

The first work is the poem “ Southeast Fly The Peacocks“ – a masterpiece of the Chinese literature. An author coming from another time period and culture that is drawn from the vision of the new type of human – passionate and gusty, is Nayden Gerov who writes the first Bulgarian poem – „Stoyan and Rada.“

In Rada emerges the face of Liu Lanzhi – the image of the woman fighting for her freedom, created by the ordinary people. The two characters make a combination of the virtues that the ideal woman should share: simple, modest and beautiful, but smart and fearless, passionate and impulsively worthy of the Great love, wherever it is.


Chinese, “Southeast Fly The Peacocks”, Bulgarian, “Stoyan and Rada”, freedom, love, death, poems, ballads

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Ролята на Мейлин Сун за политическото, общественото и културното развитие на Китай и Тайван през XX в.

Елица Ненова,  СУ „Св. Климент Охридски“, Софийски университет „Св. Климент Охридски“, Магистърска програма „История и съвременно развитие на страните от Източна Азия (Япония, Китай, Корея)“

 The Role of Mei-Ling Soong for the Political, Social and the Cultural Development of China and Taiwan in the XXc.

Еlitsa Nenova, Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski, Мaster’s degree programme “History and Contemporary Development of the Countries of Eastern Asia (Japan, China, Korea)”


To the world the name Mei-Ling Soong, or as is more popular among US circles – Madame Chiang Kai-Shek, has become a symbol not only of a modern Chinese woman, but also of new China. The objective of this report is to present her personality and activity in the historical context of XX century.

Keywords:Mei-Ling Soong, Madame Chiang Kai-Shek,role, modern China

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Китай – Обединеното кралство: стратегически партньори в 21 в.

Ивелина Ватова,Докторант „Международна комуникация в световните медии”, СУ „Св. Климент Охридски”, ФЖМК,ККАВП

China – UK: Strategic Partners in the 21st c.

Evelyna Vatova, Doctoral Student in International Communication in the World Media,SU”St. Kliment Ohridski”, FJMC,CAVPD

Abstract: This is a part of a bigger study on China-UK relations and the international communication in the world media. It consists of two parts: a/ brief history and b/ last developments, 2015 and 2016. The history, though well studied already, is approached from a relatively new aspect, international communication perspective. The two major 2017 events – 380 years since the first contacts between both Empires and 45th anniversary of full UK-PRC diplomatic relations – are shaping the new bilateral relations framework, rather influential over the global strategic pivots in the 21st c.

Key words and phrases:Bilateral Treaties,Strategic partnership, China, the UK, international communication, interstate relations, Brexit, Chinese high-level state visit to the UK.

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Гл. Асистент Денка Маринова, доктор, НСА“Васил Левски“


Chief assistant Denka Marinova, PhD, NSA“Vassil Levski“


The world is changing more rapidly than at any other time in human history. As our concepts of Western medicine have shifted in recent years, today’s public demands a more comprehensive approach from its health care providers. The eyesight is not an isolated phenomenon but is rooted in our totality. Each unique individual literally takes in the world through the senses, primarily vision. The way we see the world is, to some degree, a reflection of who we are. Our being is further reflected in the visual symptoms we manifest. The object of this study is to answer the question: Is acupuncture of any use in ophthalmology? Despite an inability to explain in modern scientific terms the healing power of acupuncture, documentation of over 500 cases treated shows that this modality can be successful in the treatment of eye diseases, especially in cases of retinitis pigmentosa,

Keywords:eyesight, traditional chinese medicine, acupuncture, hepar, ophtalmology

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Аспекти из естетиката на филмовия плакат в китайското детско кино в края на 40-те и през 50-те години на ХХ век.

Доц. д-р Андроника Мартонова, Сектор Екранни Изкуства, Институт за изследване на изкуствата, БАН

Aspects around the aesthetics of the film poster in Chinese children’s cinema in the end of 40`s and in the 1950`s

Assoc. Prof. Andronika Martonova, PhD, Screen Arts Dept, Institute of Art Studies, BAS

Abstract: The cinema for children’s audience from the socialist countries changed drastically in the years of the Cold War. China and Bulgaria do not make exceptions – the screens were dominated by the revolutionary pathos. Most of the future, full length movies glorify and propagandize the image of the child-national super hero without childhood. Others films educate young viewers in the dogmas of the communist system. The fabulous and fantastic stories are rarely.  The film posters promote of all of these cinema`s artifact and communicate successfully with the audiences in the various socialist, friendly countries.

Keywords:film posters, China, cinema, children`s art, aesthetic, visual communication, socialism, Bulgarian film archive

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The Eurasian Land Bridge: Advantages, Disadvantages, Solutions

Dr Ivaylo Gatev, Ph.D. (in Philosophy), University of Nottingham Ningbo China


The commercial relationship between China and the cluster of states that make up the European Union is one of the cornerstones of the global economy. With a few exceptions, scholarly accounts of this relationship have paid scant attention to the overland transport networks along which material exchanges between China and Europe take place. Drawing on the insights of the logistics management literature, this article examines the technological circuits, flows and interconnections that shape the character of China-EU commercial exchanges. It argues that the developing rail links between China and Europe present a mixture of opportunities and challenges for the logistics industry that lend themselves to a variety of technical and managerial solutions.


Eurasian land bridge, transport infrastructure, connectivity

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Балканите и Новият път на коприната – между Европа и Евразия

Професор д-р Александър Богданов Алексиев, синолог

СУ «Св. Климент Охридски», ФКНФ, ЦИЕК, КЕКИА

The Balkans and the New Silk Road: Between Europe and Eurasia

Professor Alexander Bogdanov Alexiev,Ph.D., Sinologist

Sofia University „St. Kliment Ohridski“, FCMF, CELC, DLCEА


Bulgaria alongwith the other 16 countries of Central and Eastern Europe should seek its place in the Balkan scheme of the New Silk Road. The Balkansare about to become a part of the construction of the largest in history, the shortest and most important path of the Chinese economic colossus to the rich markets of Western Europe – the largest trading partner of China, playing a key role in its future economic development. The important geographical location of the Balkans should not be perceived only as a direct transit route to EU markets. Countries in the Balkan region in this situation should not just play the passive role of a transit territory.They have a real opportunity to organize and to come up with initiatives that go beyond the logistics and transport infrastructure, and take advantage of China’s plans to expand its presence in the CEE region to develop their new export markets in Asia and Europe. Projects should be linked also to investments that provide comprehensive systematic growth and jobs, including the construction of the physical infrastructure itself, helping to raise the standard of living of the local population, andthusputintoreallife the motto „win-win cooperation“ (合作共赢), widely proclaimed within this strategic initiative. For Bulgaria priority Chinese projects are „Adriatic-Baltic-Black Sea Seaport Cooperation“ and the International Transport Corridor Europe-Caucasus-Asia (TRACECA).


EU, Europe, Bulgaria, Balkans, 16+1, China, New Silk Road, OBOR, TRACECA

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Застаряването на населението – общ демографски синдром на Европейския съюз, България, Китай

Доц. д-р Гена ВелковскаТракийски университет, Стопански факултет, гр.Стара Загора

Aging of population-general syndrom of Europeаn union, Bulgaria and China

Associate Prof.  Gena Velkovska, Ph.D., Trakian University, Faculty of Economics, Stara Zagora 

Резюме: Процесс старения населения характерен для большинства стран в Европейском союзе,в том числе и Болгария.В начале 2014 года общая доля населения в возрасте 65 лет и старше на территории Европейского союза,составляла 18.5 процентов или на 0.3 процента больше,чем в 2013 году.

Этот процесс является также частью демографической картины современного Китая.Хотя само по себе старение населения-большой вызов для китайского общества и экономики,оно не единственный вызов,Китай должен справиться  с нехваткой женщин.В будущем,занятое население Китая будет прежде всего мужское-54 процента мужчин  в возрасте от 15 до 49 лет в 2050 году/51 процента в настоящее время/.Иными словами,на рынке труда,женщины в этой возрастной группе будут по крайний мере на 100 миллионов меньше.Это может привести к нехватке рабочей силы в  промышленности и в сельском хозяйстве.Таким образом,в ближайшие десетилетия,Китай должен решить две основные проблемы:эффект старения и нехватка женщин.Это означает конец контроля над рождаемостью.

Какое будет воздействие старения населения в Европейском союзе,если он не найдёт необходимый пакет механизмов?Надо отметить,что в отдельных странах Европейского союза,существуют значительные различия в демографических тенденциях.Однако в целом население Европейского союза в 2060 году останется на том же уровне,как и сегодня-благодаря небольшому отскоку рождаемости и в связи с более динамическими иммиграционными потоками.

Ключевые слова: старение населения,нехватка,демографическая картина, демографические проблемы, демографические прогнозы, демографическая замена.

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