Нестабилността на Ирак – вътрешни аспекти и геополитика

Гл. ас. д-р Боян Хаджиев, катедра „Международни отношения“, УНСС

The Instability of Iraq – Internal Aspects and Geopolitics

Assist. Prof. Boyan Hadzhiev, PhD, Department of International Relations, UNWE


The report addresses two fundamental aspects of Iraqi instability. The first problem isthe contradictions between the main communities in the country. On the one hand, the exclusion of Sunnis from political life after 2003, this has become a prerequisite for the establishment of the Islamic State. On the other hand, the possibility of Kurdish independence and its consequences for Iraq. Secondly, those internal aspects largely depend on the external environment and especially the geopolitical processes in the region.

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