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Борбата срещу корупцията при управлението на Си Дзинпин

Докторант Ерхан Ахмедов, ПУ. ,,Паисий Хилендарски”

The fight against corruption in the management of Xi Jinping

PhD student Erhan Ahmedov, PU. ,,Paisii Hilendarski“

Short summary: The report is dedicated to the fight against corruption among the ranks of the party and state apparatus, which leads the current CCP leader Xi Jinping after coming to power in 2012. My main thesis is that Xi Jinping is seeking to push the dividing line between himself and his predecessors. The dividing line is along two axes: the fight against corruption – tolerating corruption and social justice – social injustice. Pursued by Xi Jinping persons are senior and middle echelons of the party-state apparatus that are removed and convicted of corruption. The second section briefly describes the data passed to Panamanian Office ,, Mosak Fonseca, „the income of persons Xi Jinping and Premier nomenclature of the CCP and the PRC during 1978-2016y. Maybe fighter against corruption Xi Jinping is not corrupt? The main problem is how research can be distinguished fight against corruption by clearing accounts with awkward people from senior and middle levels of the party-state hierarchy in a system where there is no separation of powers.

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Японската икономическа дипломация към Бразилия

Боряна Митева, асистент в Катедра по Нова и съвременна история, ИФ, СУ „Св. Климент Охридски”

Japan’s economic diplomacy toward Brazil

Boryana Miteva, PhD, Asisstent professor in the Department of Early modern and Modern history, Faculty of History, Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”

Abstract: Brazil is a country of a great importance for Japan in the region of Latin America. Japan’s priority in Brazil is promoting an economic cooperation. Japan’s economic diplomacy toward Brazil consists of several key elements – expansion of bilateral trade, investment and scientific and technical exchange, signing an Economic Partnership Agreement as part of this process, as well as providing Official development assistance through ODA and JICA. Economic cooperation between Japan and Brazil during the last decade has expanded. Nevertheless, two countries have great potential for the future development. The signing of an EPA will be an important step in this direction.

Key words: Japan-Brazil relations, Japan foreign policy toward Brazil, Japan-Brazil economic cooperation

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Японското участие в операциите по опазване на мира в Южен Судан

Ивайла Ивайлова Алексова, СУ „Свети Климент Охридски” докторант в Катедра Политология, Философски факултет

Japanese involvement in peace building in South Sudan

Ivaila Ivailova Aleksova ‘St. Climent Ohridski’ PhD student in Political Science, Faculty of Philosophy


Тhe report discusses Japanese involvement in peace building in South Sudan. The interest in the topic is provoked by the recent escalation of the conflict and need of a strengthened involvement of UN and national contingent. The need for further cooperation of NGOs and UN agencies and the issues of enhanced coordination is an urgent topic which deserves scientific attention. Japanese cooperation in Africa is revealed through two approaches-support for activities of African Union and Сsecurity Peace fund. Japanese humanitarian aid in South Sudan is characterised by shift of Japanese approach in peace building including political efforts for cease-fire and consolidation of peace.


Japanese self defence forces, UN peace-keeping-peace-building, UNMIS, article 9, consolidation of peace, humanitarian aid

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Конфликтът в южнокитайско море след трибунала в Хага

Павел Христов, студент IV курс, специалност „Южна, Източна и Югоизточна Азия“, ФКНФ, СУ „Св. Климент Охридски“

The South China Sea conflict after the Hague Tribunal

Pavel Hristov, 4th year student„South, East and Southeast Asia studies“, Sofia University „St. Kliment Ohridski

Abstract: The report examines the significant role of the conflict in the South China Sea in the geopolitics and economics of Asia and the world. It includes China, the United States of America, Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam. The recent economic growth of the region has contributed to a large portion of the world’s commercial merchant shipping passing through these waters. Japan and South Korea rely heavily on the South China Sea for their supply of fuels and raw materials and as an export route. It also contains rich, though unregulated and over-exploited fishing grounds and is reported to hold significant reserves of undiscovered oil and gas, which is a negative factor in maritime and territorial disputes over the Spratly Islands, Paracel Islands, Pratas, the Natuna Islands and Scarborough Shoal.

KeywordsSouth China Sea, Hague Tribunal, China, Philipines, Vietnam, United States of America, territorial disputes, geopolitics

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Икономическото развитие на Корея по времето на японския колониализъм – 1910-1945 г.

Николина Кирилова, Софийски университет „Свети Климент Охридски“

Economic development of Korea
at the time of Japanese colonialism – from 1910 to 1945

Nikolina Kirilova, Sofia University „St. Kliment Ohridski“


The report presented Bulgarian and foreign sources for the economic development of Korea at the time of Japanese colonialism – from 1910 to 1945: „Иновационното развитие на страните от Източна Азия (Innovation Development of East Asian Countries)“, „История Кореи (History of Korea)“, „The Economic History of Korea“, „한국경제사의이해 (Understanding the Economic History of Korea)“, „광명백과사전 5: 경제 (Encyclopedia of Light 5: Economy)“ and others.


Korea, Japanese colonialism, Economic development, Korea under Japanese rule, Economy and modernization

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Японските изкуства: укийо-е и маки-е

Натали Владимирова Давидова, студент, втори курс, ЮИЮА, ЦИЕК, ФКНФ, СУ „Св. Климент Охридски“

Japanese arts: ukiyo-e and maki-e

Natalie Vladimirova Davidova, second year student, Sofia University „St. Kliment Ohridski“

Summary: Japan is a country which very much appreciates and  managed to save its traditional arts and to transform them into an irreplaceable part of its culture. Two of these arts, transmitted for centuries, are ukiyo-e and maki-e. Ukiyo-e are pictures, made by printing an image with the help of wooden blocks, and maki-e is a technique for creating pictures by sprinkling the dust of metals like gold and silver. In the following report, we will learn everything there is about these two forms of the japanese traditional arts.

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Конкурентността в корейското общество и създаваните от нея проблеми

Маргарита Кичукова, СУ „Св. Климент Охридски”, Кореистика, ФКНФ

The competitive Korean society and its problems

Margarita Kichukova, SU„St. Kliment Ohridski”, Korean Studies Dept., FKNF


In the Korean society the meaning of social status can be summarised in one word – all-embracing. Strongly influenced by the opinion of those around the Korean society is, undoubtedly, one of the most competitive in the world. For example, even since childhood Koreans are pushed to study all day long, seven days in the week, without taking physical health, mental stability, socialisation and personal growth into consideration. This kind of social pressure has led to exceptional gap between rich and poor and has turn Koreans into one of the most depressive nations in the world, ranking first in levels of suicide.

Key words: Korea, society, competition, pressure, stress, suicide, depression, beuty standards

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Жената, избрала свободата чрез смъртта. Размисли върху баладите „Пауни летят на югоизток“ и „Стоян и Рада“

Лъчезара Валентинова Николова

СУ «Св. Климент Охридски», студент специалност китаистика, преподавател по китайски език в 138 СУ. «Проф. Васил Златарски»

The woman that has chosen freedom through death. Analysis of the ballads “Southeast Fly The Peacocks” and “Stoyan and Rada”

Latchezara Valentinova Nikolova,

Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”, student at Chinese philology, Chinese language teacher at 138-th Secondary school “Prof. Vassil Zlatarski”


The presented report discusses the story of two women driven to commit suicide let by their true convictions. Although that they belong to particularly different cultures and eras, they tend to share the same concept when it comes to the understanding of feelings such as joy and love.

The first work is the poem “ Southeast Fly The Peacocks“ – a masterpiece of the Chinese literature. An author coming from another time period and culture that is drawn from the vision of the new type of human – passionate and gusty, is Nayden Gerov who writes the first Bulgarian poem – „Stoyan and Rada.“

In Rada emerges the face of Liu Lanzhi – the image of the woman fighting for her freedom, created by the ordinary people. The two characters make a combination of the virtues that the ideal woman should share: simple, modest and beautiful, but smart and fearless, passionate and impulsively worthy of the Great love, wherever it is.


Chinese, “Southeast Fly The Peacocks”, Bulgarian, “Stoyan and Rada”, freedom, love, death, poems, ballads

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Динамика на виетнамската икономика през първите две десетилетия на XXI век

д-р Крум Красимиров Златков, СУСв. КлиментОхридски”, ФКНФ, ЦИЕК

Dynamics of the Vietnamese economy in the first two decades of the XXI century

Krum Krasimirov Zlatkov, Ph.D., Sofia University „St. Kliment Ohridski“, FKNF, CELC


During the first two decades of the XXI century the Vietnamese economy continues the high-level development. The most important for the achieved success is the growth of international economic integration. The private sector and foreign investments are concentrated in small and medium-sized companies, while the large industrial centers of strategic importance remain in state hands. In this spirit, in 2001 the Communist Party approved a new 10-year plan, which envisages strengthening of private companies, while at the same time preserve the leading role of the state in the economy. Vietnam achieved high economic growth, which continues to rise. In the process of integration with the global economy, FDI is emerging as one of the foundations of economic growth in this country. They are of great importance to providing an additional capital investment, export promotion, technology transfer, development of human resources and creating new jobs. Due to the large number of investment projects Vietnam accepts the image of a country with a dynamic economy that is increasingly attracting international attention.


Vietnam, Vietnamese economy, Vietnamese economy development, FDI in Vietnam, dynamic economy.

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Приоритетите в мироопазването в правителствата на Япония в периода 2009-2014

Ивайла Ивайлова Алексова СУ „Свети Климент Охридски” докторант в Катедра Политология, Философски факултет

Priorities regarding peace-keeping operations in the governments of Japan in the period 2009-2014

Ivaila Ivailova Aleksova ‘St. Climent Ohridski’ PhD student in Political Science, Faculty of Philosophy


The report discusses main priorities regarding peace keeping operations in the governments of Japan in the period 2009-2014. Key documents including statements of prime ministers and officials have been analysed and factors for Japanese activities in peacekeeping have been highlighted. A conclusion could be drawn that a priority of Japanese governments is fostering US-Japanese Alliance including new areas of contribution as peace building and peacekeeping and active role in United Nations activities and policies. The motives behind the shift of Japanese interests from non traditional security instruments as human security to protection of civilians and use of force have been outlined.

Key words:

US-Japan Alliance, peace building, peacekeeping, security policy, New Security Guidelines, UN policies, human security, self-defence forces

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